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Ganesh Oil

Ganesh Oil - 5ml
Ganesh Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

GANESH: Hindu – The Pope of Sanatana Dharma: A God of Wisdom, Ganesh welcomes your attention with mirth and enlightenment; one is asked to beware of Ganesh because he will bring you face to face with your karma! Be careful what you ask for! is his axiom. Wildly generous and filled with humor, Ganesha loves to make sport of your fears. He is called the ‘pope’ because he is the gatekeeper allowing entry to the Gods. His teaching platform is in the nature of obstacles you must resolve in order to pursue your dreams and desires. He resonates with your Base Chakra.

Companions: Shiva, Parvati, Indra, a white elephant!, cobras, the lightning bolt, prayer beads, all Hindu temples, the home shrine, the broken tusk, radishes, the Pot of Nectar (soma / ambrosia), trident, jubilation, celebration, hibiscus flowers, mace spice, edible orchids, violets, periwinkles, clary sage, sandalwood trees, jade stones, river stones, lingam stones, tapioca and a large bowl of sweets! Ganesh’s blend invites you in with sweet, musky sensuality to pause and consider with ambrette seed (hibiscus), sandalwood and violet.

Ideals & Goals: With his goblin helpmate, Ganesh invites you to look at what is urging you to be afraid to achieve your goals. These are his obstacles. His enlightenment is the epiphany of new understanding, the ability to release your fears and your past.

Inspiring talents & skills: When laughter becomes the overriding influence in a situation, Ganesh is there! His inspiration appears as the mirth that comes of understanding simple foolishness and how easily it is released once realized.

Accomplishments: No small ones! As the gateway to the Gods, Ganesh is the guardian of the true seeker, protecting you in your journey of enlightenment even though when it seems you are alone.

Paradigm Shift skills: The ability to release your ego in order to follow your Divine Will!

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