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Gaia Oil

Gaia Oil - 5ml
Gaia Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

GAIA: Greek – GrandMother Earth: The primordial Creatrix Goddess, her children bore the Gods and Goddesses from Titans to the Olympians. As the resonance of the Oracle of Delphi, she provides the priestesses with prophecy. She is the everlasting foundation of the Gods. Calling Gaia into your home and heart puts you in harmony with all forms of Nature surrounding you.

Companionship alignments: Uranus, Cronus, mother of the Titans and Olympians. Soil under the sunny skies resonates with Gaia. The womb, the cave, the household, serpents, the lunar bull, pigs and bees are hers. The delicious vital scarlet of pomegranate seeds will bring her attention. Her blend is a deep oakmoss, foin coupe combined with sweet floras from the spring garden. Gaian energy resonates strongly through her record keepers, quartz crystals.

Nurturing capacities: Regeneration is Gaia’s embrace. As the Mother principle of the planet, she is your Spiritual Home resonant with the quality of family and friendships.

Inspirational influence: GrandMother Earth asks you to pay attention to Her! She inspires you back to Nature.

Healing gifts: Regeneration, the wealth of good health through the bounty of her crops, she is the supreme nutritionist! Her dark aspect surfaces as disregard for your health!

Creative drive: Nurturing your children is Gaia’s creative influence! Supporting them in their creative efforts.

Leadership qualities: Gaia brings you love for Home (the planet) and a cry for help! Whenever you work to heal Home, Gaia strengthens and supports you.

Paradigm Shift skills: Gaia is the resonance of Re-Greening our Home, the survival of our future generations.

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