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*Feng Shui* Balance Box

*Feng Shui* Balance Box
*Feng Shui* Balance Box
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Product Description

1 dram Feng Shui essences of Balance including:

Kuan Yin Essence

The Compassionate One. Formulated to trigger a resolve of Spirit and to inspire graceful actions. Kuan Yin traditionally nurtures and fulfills the prayers sent to her…she guides the Reiki healer in their completions. Use Kuan Yin Essence to trigger strength during transitions, acceptance or allowance when these actions will heal and to stimulate a personal harmony and abundance in your daily events. A little peace and rejuvenation!

Sweeping Karma Essence

New energy, revived enthusiasm, living in the moment!

Buildings, places and even portions of rivers, lakes or seas are affected by who inhabits them and all that has happened. Memory of place is often called the Spirit of Place…there are as many negative, as there are positive. Favorable and unfavorable aspects collect within and around both. Good karma places offer qualities for enhancement and deflect the negative aspects easily. Bad karma places require a cleansing…to have the bad karma swept away.

Sweeping Karma Essence invites new energy, help revive your enthusiasm and bring you fully into the moment! When you create your space, use Sweeping Karma to invite new energy and cleanse the negative influences of the past from both person and place. You can reach into the morphogenic fields surrounding you to positively shift the many worlds and anchor a harmonious resonance. In everyday uses, Sweeping Karma Essence will guide you in choosing to release the past and step lightly into a positive new moment now.

Palace Center Essence

Palace Center is the perfect Tao moment that exists in between Yin and Yang. Finding the Palace Center is to experience a transcendental moment of resonance within the WU CHI. Use this essence to open yourself up in opportunity for blessing! Palace Center restores peace during extreme stress, encourages the release of panic, enables breakthrough beyond stagnation and recovery from physical imbalance. This is a balanced formulation of Yang inspiration with Yin fulfillment. Bring yourself to the Palace Center!

Feng Shui Elements

We experience our world through the elemental demonstration of CHI. There are five elements in Feng Shui that influence us through our choices. 3 major cycles of constant CHI flow demonstrate the elements. In the Cycle of Expansion our choices stimulate elemental harmony. We accept and meet challenges, experience growth, learn from the past and accumulate success, wealth and joyful pleasure in life’s experience. In the Cycle of Constriction our choices are dis-harmonious causing elemental chaos and destruction. In the acute case, “a ruined life” is the apparent result. This cycle also ‘clears the way’ for all things new! In the Cycle of Depletion our negative, mean, destructive or (primarily) fearful choices result in elemental exhaustion, ill, weak influences manifesting revolving failures or mistakes. In this darkness dreams and goals can be lost, abandoned or the balance of Light within can resolve greater dreams, stronger commitments and more attainable goals.

The Feng Shui Elemental essences are designed to attune your recognition to each elemental demonstration so you will recognize this CHI when it is the influence surrounding you. Keep in mind the elemental hierarchal qualities of constant flux or “wu-xing”: Cycle of Expansion – wood fuels fire, fire burns to ash or earth; earth creates metal, heated metal flows like water and water nourishes wood. Cycle of Constriction – wood depletes nutrients from earth, earth absorbs water; water kills fire generating the Cycle of Depletion - fire melts metal and destroys wood. Paying attention to these elemental demonstrations surrounding you will give you wisdom towards adjusting the influences and beneficial compensations! There are opportunities and challenges in the CHI flow surrounding you, these Elemental Essences will help you do it!

Wood Essence

The element of Wood displays creative, innovative qualities. Creative expression is this element's strength. A fortunate gift, it is both bendable and unyielding. Friendly, social, committed to the community.

The color green denotes the Wood element, its direction is East and its season is Spring.

Use Wood Essence to awaken the creative nature within yourself. Apply it to encourage fortunate timing for investment, new fortune, to inspire your creativity, to release blockage of CHI in manifesting what you desire (after taking all the steps in creating it!), to send the most prosperous energies into your environment! Using Wood Essence will assist you in building your dreams and creating a harmonious presence in your home.

Contemplate the Yin and the Yang of Wood...where will it bend? Where will it break? Where will it remain unmoved?

Fire Essence

The element of Fire revives! Brings new enthusiasm! Or, it will tell you danger is in your midst. Too much can burn. This is the element of the effective leader. It is every youthful and inspires great change.

Red is the color that denotes Fire, its direction is South and its season is Summer.

Use Fire Essence to grasp new strength, clarity, resolve in your life! Its youthful energy will help you recover from prolonged illness. A great sustainer during transitional times, use Fire Essence to recapture your enthusiasm for challenge. Fire Essence promotes growth and will assist you in keeping your home strong, well centered and able to adjust to changes.

Contemplate the Yin and the Yang of Fire...it burns or warms you as it destroys its fuel. How will Fire help you balance?

I Ching Oils in corked vials including:

The Pa-K’ua Aroma’s are fragrant translations of the I Ching Hexagrams used in the balancing practice of Wind & Water! Their everyday uses are limitless. Working with Tao traditions or Feng Shui changes, these scents can guide, focus and expand your boundaries of understanding.

Chen - Hexagram of Thunder / Northeast – galvanizing, focusing A fragrance to wake you up and set you in the right direction! Galvanizing, clean, intensely focused, Chen Oil can help you push through or make it happen!

K’un - Hexagram of the Earth / North – manifesting, nurturing A fragrance of nurture! Your dreams and goals realized using the lomay sweetness of the Earth's fertile, gentle scent. Richly soothing.

Ken - Hexagram of the Mountain / Northwest – steadfast, encouraging A steadfast flow of fragrance to encourage, remain, ground and ally you through times of transition or dissonance. A compassionate, caring scent to carry everyday when times are troubling or changing quickly!

Sun - Hexagram of the Wind / Southwest – intelligent, clarity Visualizing, forecasting, mental acuity and strong discipline in fragrant assistance for you everyday! Sun Oil leads your senses to the fine edges of clarity!

*Feng Shui Balance Box* has been created to introduce you to our complete companioned flower essence formulas and indigenous oil blends with their intended use together.

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