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Frankincense Oil

Frankincense Oil - 5ml
Frankincense Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

FRANKINCENSE OIL: (Bsowellia carterii) RITUAL BELTANE & LUGHANSADH MASCULINE DIVINE SPIRITUAL PURIFICATION CREATIVE VISUALIZATION AURIC CLEANSER WINTER SOLSTICE Frankincense is in every Witch’s cubbard. A masculine plant under the guardianship of the Sun influenced by the element of Fire; it gifts a focal quality our imagination requires to create visualizations and to successfully send your energy to its destination!

Frankincense is a great gift in meditation; it calms, soothes and assists your focus. When using it in a vapor lamp for dispersion, create a complimentary environment! Bright décor’, light that reflects your intentions, positive sun filled symbology.

Of the many applications of this scent: consecration, exorcism, spiritual enLightenment or purification…the most impressive is it’s ability to renew the auric field and it’s attunement to energies of the Sun. Through this quality we’re introduced to the Masculine Divine; the God form. Frankincense can guide you into the cosmic qualities of the God on many new dimensions of awareness. Use Frankincense to introduce you to the regenerative essence of the God form. The God walks each day as the sun rising, shinning and setting. His Green Man essence invokes our ideal of the God within Nature. Use Frankincense to call on this presence to inspire your wholeness with the Nature surrounding you! As the Horned God, he seeds the beginnings of new life in union with the Goddess; Frankincense will call his presence again, when you’ve need of projective creative ideas or understanding.

We recommend ‘golden tree blood’ oil for aid in sunrise ceremonies to invest the energies of the Sun and renew your aura, to find your personal journey with the God, most especially at Winter Solstice in calling for the God’s return! Frankincense invests us in Nature and within our star essence, the Sun. Go on out and ‘walk on sunshine’!


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