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Freya Oil

Freya Oil - 5ml
Freya Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

FREYA: Teutonic Goddess of the Valkyries: The good companion and partner in marriage, Freya supported her husband as the Queen of Asgard. She is the patroness of childbirth for the Teutonic People who lends her healing skills in labor. Her overseeing influence on the Valkyries gives her a warrior woman status and rulership over battle oaths and bravery on the field. The safety of sea going ventures depended on her good wishes, which she successfully provided the Vikings.

Companionship alignments: Odin, Baldur, Tyr, the red rose, tulips, myrtle, sparrow and the falcon are hers. Silver and gold jewelry calls her presence and she resonates with amber, emeralds and pearls. Her perfume is soft and voluptuous in liquidamber, myrtle and rose. The Valkyries keep her counsel. Nurturing capacities: A mother of her People, Freya offers you sympathetic companionship through marriage struggles and changes.

Inspirational influence: Freya is the protector and listening ear for the voluptuous women of the world. A large lady with warrior skills and mothering talents, she offers comfort and help in recognizing where self esteem lies.

Healing gifts: An even temperament and mterosexual balances give Freya the talent for bringing harmony to troublesome situations, call on her to bring calm and resolutions. Cruel judgments are her dark aspect.

Creative drive: Freya is the domestic Goddess! Her counsel on all things requiring unique homemaking will bring wonderful success.

Leadership qualities: Freya lends you the great compassion and strategy of the Peacemaker.

Paradigm Shift skills: The self esteem and self confidence to enter the Unknown.

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