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False Face Medicine flower essence formula

False Face Medicine - 10ml dropper bottle
False Face Medicine - 10ml dropper bottle
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10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist - pls indicate your choice in notes for order

Every night you journey into timelessness to meet your Ancestors and visit the strong Medicine created in your dreams, your Dream Lodge. Is your morning filled with your nocturnal images? Do you wonder what your dreams are revealing to you? Are you upset or left confused, worrisome when you wake up? Do you ever look for a meaning to those symbols that filled your night? Were you gifted with a hidden knowledge of your waking life?

The Inner Healer - Shaman takes actions for change by heeding the warning or seeing unrecognized dangers present in your waking world. Your Inner Shaman defines your dreams to enLighten you or inspire you towards discovering the messages your Spirit Guides or Highest Self is gifting you during your dreamtime. A more rewarding life waits in deciphering the dreams meant to teach you. The Ancestors wait for you in the Dream Lodge masked as the False Faces... the aspects of your Inner Shield teaching you what you have only forgotten. Your Inner Shaman engages these False Faces and explores their knowledge.

Your dreams present aspects of your Inner Shield in the guise of your Mother, your teacher, your co-worker, your mentor, your enemy or your lover to bring meaning through symbols as unique messages for your waking mind to define and use. Symbols are the communicators in your dreams challenging you to understand your deeper motivations and possibilities. False Face Medicine has been designed to help you engage this process of self definition. This essence has the ability to help you trigger the precognitive capacities your dreams offer and make revealing connections to define your personal symbology.

False Face Medicine will help you to understand the meaning of your repetitive, sharp dreams that are the result of daily frustrations and stress. Those dreams that haunt you every so often, vividly retelling a story that keeps puzzling you becomes more definable, more relative in understanding terms of your everyday life.

Use False Face Medicine to help you work with lucid dreaming techniques and dreamtime journeywork. Each of us is capable of sharing conscious time in our dreams with intention and practice! Dream journaling and waking journeywork (imagineering techniques) just prior to sleep reinforce the direction of your dreams and trigger the lucid dreaming phenomena. Use it as a therapy in emotional, physical and soulful healing! Lucid dreaming is a doorway into self evolving creativity. When you are able to achieve your goals in dreamtime, it's confidently transferred into your waking life. Initiate your dreamwork using False Face Medicine prior to bedtime coupled with dreamtime exercises to reinforce your intentions!

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