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ETZNAB Oil - 5ml - I am absolutely Responsible for Myself!
ETZNAB Oil - 5ml - I am absolutely Responsible for Myself!
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Product Description

ETZNAB {eets’nab}

I am absolutely Responsible for Myself! Etznab challenges you to take responsibility for yourself as conscious luminescence ceaselessly transmigrating with a supreme gift: Individuality within All That Exists, a mirror reflection of your creation. Etznab initiates the opportunity to embrace your polarities, to experience an intimate journey into your Shadow Self and to glimpse Your Highest Self. Meditation with Etznab encapsulates the mystery school of journeying into your darkness and facing the challenge of transmuting your fear issues into the gifts they hold for you. Etznab is a dissonance, a signal that demands your attention. If you ignore it, it becomes a constant hum underlying everything surrounding you. While you express polarity as an essential tool of judgement, the dissonance of Etznab brings your focus to those polarities within emanating specifically from your fear issues. Etznab prompts you to encounter and resolve your past in your Now. The self forgiveness you grasped working with Cimi prepared you for approaching this multidimensional Self Healing.

To bring your unique gifts to expression, you must encounter and resolve their mirror reflection within yourself. Emotion is a key to defining your Shadow Self. Unreasonable fear, avoidance, mistrust, even the ghosts of these emotions are the path to your Shadow. Once defined, the Shadow Self is exposed as the sum of fear based issues, often encompassing many lifetimes. A formidable force of unresolved fears in person! It requires your greatest courage and trust to face this Self. Equally, the gifts resulting in the resolution of your fears perpetuating this Self are uniquely special. Example: Your lies are creating a dissonance of mistrust and disappointment around you, hurting people you love. Resolution: You are a gifted storyteller who heals through the inspiration of your words. Our fears hold our most potent gifts for healing. Etznab brings us this rejuvenating illumination. Align within using the glyph of Etznab to illuminate:

Journeying to & resolving your fear issues

Utilizing the untapped resource of inner strength reserved by your Shadow Self

Realizing & taking responsibility for the effective-ness of your actions / You are the pebble in the pond!

Etznab Oil is an electric, quicksilver scent preparing and enabling your senses for transcension of the physical into the subtle where you will encounter your Shadow Self. Black Pepper stimulates, Spearmint awakens, Mugwort guides, Birch recognizes inner truth, Clary Sage advises and Copal retains the goodness in delicate balancing fragrance.

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