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Dragon - Psychic Courage & Fortitude Medicine

Dragon Medicine
Dragon Medicine
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Product Description

The psychic courage & fortitude of the Dragon totem enters you as the brace within for facing the largest challenges, the most awful darkness & the wealthiest rewards.

Properties: Supernatural protection - developing your ability to astrally engage the darkness (in whatever form it takes in the 4th dimension) and transform or transmute it. Turning it around as a new personal skill.

Transformation / change the status quo - the 'turn your life around' changes that are accomplished with the most powerful commitments... like giving up an addiction. Dragon is a guide of awesome wisdom when facing your inner darkness on it's destructive levels; addiction, proclivity to violence, cheating, sociopathic lying, etc. The most terrible parts of ourselves that we hide in acid darkness. Dragon gives you the awareness & insight to change at core levels by awakening our committed passion to do it.

Power & Success - these are the qualities of character in a leader, the gifts Dragon totems offer. Power & success can only be achieved in developing an above average strength of character through life choices, facing responsibilities & distilling our experiences into a wisdom that serves not just ourselves, but our family & community.

Primordial power / a self authority - the serpent energies of the spiral universe are properties of the Dragon totem. Dragon energy ignites your primal healing energy & evolutionary growth (Kundalini energies).

Potential! - Dragon totems arrive in your dreams with the potentials of what you can expect from your life choices & what is available to you at the time of their arrival. This is part of lucid dreaming & precog dreams... the foresight into the future. _________________________

To work on calling a Dragon totem, the meditation working with your oil to fill you space with aligned sensual invitation & then either misting yourself or ingesting the Dragon flower essence formula is your beginning to inner journeywork where you will meet & develop your relationship with your Dragon.

You can apply Dragon Oil to yourself or into a bath. Combined with a drop or two of Dragon Essence, the bath can become a wonderful meditation platform to meet or seek guidance from your Dragon. Your imagination / visualization are your keys.

To experience the presence of your Dragon totem throughout the day, use a bottle of pure water with 3 drops of the Dragon Essence added. White Light your Dragon into the water with intention or invite a new Dragon totem with intention into your water. Know that your Dragon totem is awake within you through the day...to be called on or counted on to assist you in the challenges you face. Invite your Dragon to your power ally!

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