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A blend of jasmine, juniper and angelica root , the scent of guidance and counsel.

Djwhal Khul Oil assists introspection of the 7 Rays, preparation of the coming new age, a study aid, breaking through into understanding...

Qualities Djwhal Khul oil will assist you with: D.K. / The Tibetan highlights the ultimate "evil" that eclipses our humanity through the suffocating practices of nationalism, racism, American exceptionalism and isolationism, Soviet totalitarianism, fascism, race supremacy and Zionism. His insights offer us sanctuary from fear and the ability to reclaim our humanity.


Djwal Khul (also spelled 'Djwhal Khul', 'Djwal kul' etc.), in Theosophy, is a Tibetan Master of the ancient esoteric religion. He is a member of the 'Brotherhood' of Mahatmas, who are the spiritual guides of mankind and the guardians of ancient cosmological and metaphysical teachings. These esoteric teachings form the origin of all the world's great philosophies, mythologies and spiritual traditions. As a Mahatma, Djwal Khul is working mentally for the furthering of spiritual evolution on our planet, using his highly developed powers of meditation, or siddhis. At the same time, he leads an outwardly normal life among ordinary human beings. Members of the esoteric Brotherhood were said to be the hidden founders of the Theosophical Society in 1875.

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