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Dionysus Oil

Dionysus Oil - 5ml
Dionysus Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

DIONYSUS: Thracian – God of Fertility & the Vine: In a true Dionysian expression, Dionysus is the ‘unquenchable’, he brings us a Lust for Life! The foundation of mystery school techniques, based in primeval shamanism, the incorporation of hallucinogens and imbibing fermented fruits (wines / meads) were the bacchius tools of his ancient cults. They were responsible for great Spiritual leaps of consciousness in early civilization and their contribution to the current return to self initiated Spiritual evolution are tremendous. The full goatskin and filled bull horn open the mind and gladden the companionship…too much and you dissolve with tears, though your issues are approached! Dionysus’ influence is already in your life; his presence in all ceremonies is implicit. He is there in the shadows of your mirror each time you take a look for yourself telling you to look deeper and his resonance keeps the good cheer alive during stressful negotiations. If you are a red wine lover, you are a child of Dionysus!

Companions: Pan, Zeus, Nix, Aphrodite, Semele, Ariadne, Bacchus, Demeter, Persephone, goat, bull, satyrs, centaurs, nymphs, lunatics, leopards, panthers, cats, serpents, bees and The Horned Gods of nature. Figs, honey, beeswax, pomegranate, ivy, wine grapes, all hallucinogenic plants and fungi are sacred to him. Sobering amethyst, fossils, hematite, sunstone, aventurine and charoite resonate with Dionysus. His blend is a beautiful intoxication of deep earthy oakmoss, tonka bean abs, tansy and myrtle to draw within! Ideals & goals: Dionysus patrons the global traveler with good cheer and good luck. His most vital quality as teacher is in mystery techniques of initiation, he guides the seeker deep within the Self through imbibing and shamanic journeying.

Inspiring talents & skills: Call Dionysus if you have a love of theater! He is the actors’ benefactor, bringing the ability to absorb persona and express it! This attribute comes of his changeling aspect, he often appears effeminate and is regarded as the first gay deity. All vintners can call on his skills for expert fermentation and distillation technique / production!

Accomplishments: Rebirth ecstasy was refined by the transformation of the community in his ancient ceremonies. Practicing a quality of Dionysian ceremonial social imbibing triggers companionship and good cheer, essential ingredients in a successful celebration! His guidance has always brought gentler civilization.

Leadership qualities: In group situations, Dionysus is a wonderful guidance in releasing your ego and ‘rising above’ to ensure an even minded, even handed delegation of authority. A priceless quality at the right moment!

Paradigm Shift skills: Rebirthing techniques are under the influence of the ancient Dionysian Mysteries. Calling on Dionysus to hold the standard of intention and completion, releasing the ego and reclaiming a transcending consciousness, is a bountiful application!

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