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Delphi Oil - Template of Expressions – Throat Chakra Vortex

Delphi Oil	 - 5ml - Template of Expressions – Throat Chakra Vortex
Delphi Oil - 5ml - Template of Expressions – Throat Chakra Vortex
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Product Description

Throat Chakra vortex of the planet.

Among the legends surrounding Delphi, the Omphalos stone, signifying the center or heart of the Universe and the planet attracts the fascination of the pilgrim today. As the touchstone of the Pythian priestesses, it gifted them with psychic vision. Delphi is the Home of the God Apollo. The ethers (and incense) emanating from the Omphalos provided a conduit of communication between the ancient Gods and the oracle (who spoke as Gaia). Delphi Oil encourages you to seek out your personal connection and open a relationship with the living planet, tapping into the ‘mind’ or Mental Body of Gaia. There are Places surrounding you holding this quality of communication with an open flow, they resonate with the Delphi Oracle.

These Places of open flow are reflected in territorial signs; distinct understanding of elemental voices, personally significant signs in the land or waters and Places that ignite your imagination to embrace adventure.

The Mental Body of Gaia resonates through the collective consciousness of humanity, reaching out in archetypal stories of collective wisdom and challenge. A global or planetary consciousness is reflected in it’s manifest by-product, the internet. The timing of a shared consciousness is vital in making a connection with each other in order to initiate the re-greening of our Home. Delphi Oil is a valuable tool in locating and defining your special mental presence in the planetary consciousness. Working with Delphi Oil helps you to create your unique meditative connection with Gaia, in harmony with All Our Relations, beginning with the Place, the plant and tree or water life and Animal kingdom surrounding you. You develop a new ‘global awareness’. As your consciousness gradually ascends upward, it reaches the noosphere; the receptacle of our collective consciousness encircling and infusing the Earth Mother. The living representation of Gaia’s mental body is the noosphere, resonating in the Van Ellen belts surrounding the planet. It takes time and practice to establish this special connection yet the rewards are in the healing of yourself and the greening of your Home! Use Delphi Oil to help you achieve this connection in the environment surrounding you and then ascending into mental body of Gaia. The penetrating scents of armoise, myrtle leaves and Bulgarian lavender help you to access the connections into global consciousness.

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