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Demeter Oil

Demeter Oil - 5ml
Demeter Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

DEMETER: Eleusinian Ė Goddess of Fruitfulness: The personification of Mother love, Demeter traveled heaven and hell to reunite with her daughter, Persephone. Spring, the jubilant return of the daughter, illuminates the seasonality of this Goddess who makes Earth barren as the Lady in the Veil during Winter. Her ability to journey to her daughter into the Underworld further extends her magical authority as the Queen and mistress of the Elysian Fields. Primary as the Earth Mother she is caretaker of agriculture. She is the flower (Mother) and the fruit (Daughter).

Companionship alignments: Persephone, Hades and sister to the Olympians. Sunflowers, opium poppies, busy bees, barley and fruit trees are her standards. She resonates with star sapphires, catís eyes and pearls. Her blend is an earth rich formula of myrrh, patchouli and cassia top noted with blue cypress. The herbalistís boline is sacred to her.

Nurturing capacities: Mother love and care is her whole being. She is the Earth providing our means and measures of life in this realm.

Inspirational influence: She is the good mother, nurture comes easily under Demeterís influence.

Healing gifts: As the mistress overseeing fresh waters, her healing power infuses all water! Using waters in healing cures. Her dark aspect being an unrelenting anger that does not calm down, the ever churning waters.

Creative drive: Planting and growing, the gardenerís skills! Demeter will bless your groves and orchards!

Leadership qualities: Positions of feminine, nurturing authority in community and motherhood groups (the Empress).

Paradigm Shift skills: The ability to come and go with ease between worlds through the rhythm of cycles.

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