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Hand rolled incense with resins, woods, flowers, essential oils and energy!

Grann Ezili - in pink & white glow, the ancient feminine aspect of Lwa wisdom; she who brings the secrets of the ages. She highlights study & awakening enlightenment (folklore, occult & esoterica).

Kshumai - ancient Afghani Hindu Goddess. Her scared animal is the goat; her guidance is sustenance, the needfulness during harsh cycles of time. A Goddess of wild nature, she opens our natural instincts for all the Mother connections between ourselves & Home / the Earth Mother.

The Cailleach - do owls fly in & out of your life? The grandest of the Trifold Celtic Goddess'. The Great GrandMother of Winter arising at Samhain as the Ancestors depart, she oversees the winter community. She is the guidance of age & experience in survival. Perhaps, she is the original White Lady, come to claim us as her own, the Elder, the CRONE.

(Akua) Humea - is the Polynesian representation of the Earth Mother herself. Her energies are in new births, the stone of beginnings, the Creatrix. Abiding in nature, the language she speaks there is through flowers. Her sustenance is the plant kingdom - food & medicinals. Crone of rebirth, herbalism, renewals.

Hecate - Hellenistic (origin Asia Minor) Great GrandMother of the Underworld & justice, protection, magical understanding. She guides us into our fears to face them & transform them as tools of learning, teaching, growth. The formidable aspect of feminine authority & expertise. Hecate protects & guides, hers is the initiation journey.

Herta - Teutonic (the Witch Goddess) of the Danes. Though aligned with the Springtime, Herta is a master of sleep & it's wonders. She is invoked for journeys into the Deep. Call to her by the edge of the lake. The mother of the Valkyries by Odin, she represents unflappable battle, magic & rebirth.

Nana Buruku The swampy, earthy scents of sea buckthorn, rose otto, ginger grass, allspice, copaiba balsam and sweetgrasss essential oils of our blend. Dhoop base including powdered red sandalwood, Himalayan cedarwood powder, makko powder, myrrh resin, mugwort herb, deertongue herb bound with snakeskin essence, blood feather Great Horned Owl essence and distilled water. Burn Nana Buruku to call healing and elder energies for comfort, wisdom and completions. Burn Nana Buruku to call healing and elder energy for comfort, wisdom and completions.

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