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Coyote Medicine Oil

Coyote Medicine Oil - 5ml
Coyote Medicine Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

South, Our Summertime

Coyote Medicine Oil

Say hello to the Hayokah!

Coyote is a troublesome Medicine to carry though most great healers have a Trickster howling in a corner somewhere nearby! Coyote loves attention and will trick you into giving it to him. A crafty teacher, Coyote will have you retracing your steps until you learn the lesson completely. Most of us carry a little “medicine dog” within because without it we wouldn’t ever learn laughter or self-forgiveness!

Coyote is faithful to GrandMother Moon, howling up at her…bringing us a touch of lunacy at just the right moment. When the laughter dies down, Coyote has brought us a new vision through the powerful intercession of good humor. If Coyote laughs at the wrong moment he is teaching us that it’s only a mistake, something to learn and grow through.

Storytelling by the fire, the People listen to a sad story while Coyote is back from the fire’s glow by himself, many tears falling. Coyote awakens the sweet song of compassion within us. Coyote is too often alone, singing the lonesome song… though its only Coyote’s fault he is alone. This is how Coyote tricks himself into feeling what he imagines others have felt. Coyote gifts the powerful ally of empathy to the healer!

Use your Coyote Medicine Oil to find your way back to a good humor when none seems left! This blending is for upliftment and remembering our first loyalties are to ourselves! How else are we to learn how to be to others? This is a joyful scent, releasing laughter and allowing us to be compassionate with others and ourselves. Have a good time!

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