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Chango Oil

Chango Oil - 5ml
Chango Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

CHANGO: Yoruban / Orisha / Ifa – Lightning Ancestor! When the Father in the Sky opened up, his voice of power was Chango’s thunder and his bright presence was Chango’s lightning. Chango protected the African Diaspora Peoples with the power to resist injustice and inequality. Red, white and orange vibrate with his energy. Chango administers a swift justice through the element of Fire; his balance comes with initiation!

Companions: Yemaya, Oyo, Oshun, Oba, OSHE (double bladed ax), the ram, turkeys, spiders, turtles, roosters, dry red wines, apples, oranges, cassia, cloves, rose of Jericho, cedar, sarsaparilla, royal palms, palm oil and cornmeal are sacred to him. Chango Oil is a blending of power and companionship including blood orange, clove, rose and a touch of cassia. Romance, dancing, drumming, numbers 6 & 4 and the Bata drums are his. Chango resonates with cowrie obatala divination shells, flint, gray sodalite, rubies, star rubies, garnets, black granite, scepter quartz crystals and iron meteorites (the most formidable otane).

Ideals & Goals: Swift justice and the power to follow through on promises are two vital characteristics of Chango. His ability to speak and take action are demonstrated through his elemental companions, thunder and lightning.

Inspiring talents & skills: Creative personal dynamics! Call on Chango to guide you in creative projects, his ability to marshal great energy and direct it towards specific tasks is unlimited! Accomplishments: Great Power and Great Self Control. Chango confers discipline and respect, two great attributes for change and completion.

Leadership qualities: Burgeoning efforts for new community projects, supportive of political justice and loyalty are the qualities that Chango brings to you. When things become confused or loosing momentum, Chango’s energy bring cohesion and completion!

Paradigm Shift skills: Fierce commitment to and maintenance for the new path of consciousness! As a great power capable of making lasting changes, Chango is an essential energy and resonance to apply towards a new paradigm!

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