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CAUAC Oil - 5ml - I will step into the Light.
CAUAC Oil - 5ml - I will step into the Light.
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Product Description

CAUAC {ka’wak}

I will step into the Light. Cauac arrives as your passage through the mirror of Etznab brings you into a state of willingness for surrender. You are made ready for the initiation by fire; Cauac. Your Spirit, directed through your Mind to purify your Body calls Cauac. Healing crisis’ arise. This initializes through the humbling of your ego. Transmutation is available. The subtle bodies Chicchan introduced to you through your sensuality are now more fully in your conscious awareness and you are ready to begin to expand through using your subtle dynamics. Your spirituality is connective to your biochemistry, ancient scripture and myth is connective to the science of your DNA coding. As Cauac begins to resonate within you, you grasp these intrinsic dynamics. Here is the activation of your Lightbody, conscious awareness of the subtle mechanisms sustaining you and enabling greater leaps of growth. Purification is a primary leap of growth. Willingness establishes this process and you begin to shed the old sheath of your past; karma presents dharma. Bringing Cauac into your resonance is a conformation of your commitment to shift your personal paradigm into evolution.

Many, many processes and tools are available to you for initializing your Lightbody dynamics! Through the lens of Cauac you are ready:

Willingness to surrender your ego

Commitment to personal transcension

Possibility of personal transmutation

Working with subtle Light techniques to achieve your evolutionary changes: daily Blending a fragrance introducing superconsciousness we have combined Peppermint, Sweet Birch, Hyssop, Juniper, Galbanum and Bitter Orange. A bracing, arousing, purging aromatic motion! Awake to Cauac!

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