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Box 1 Goodies ( not available for order - limited edition )

Box 1 Goodies
Box 1 Goodies
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Nana Buruku The swampy, earthy scents of sea buckthorn, rose otto, ginger grass, allspice, copaiba balsam and sweetgrasss essential oils of our blend. Dhoop base including powdered red sandalwood, Himalayan cedarwood powder, makko powder, myrrh resin, mugwort herb, deertongue herb bound with snakeskin essence, blood feather Great Horned Owl essence and distilled water. Burn Nana Buruku to call healing and elder energies for comfort, wisdom and completions. Burn Nana Buruku to call healing and elder energy for comfort, wisdom and completions.

GEDE / Baron Semedi The essential oils of black pepper, dark patchouli, oakmoss, Spanish sage, violet flower, and liquidamber. The dhoop base of this incense cone is black salt, tobacco, ground hops flowers, Solomon's seal root, high john root powder, devils shoestring powder, sweetgrass powder, and snakeskin essence with distilled water to bind. GEDE is burned to invite a guardian pathway between worlds, an invitation into the other worlds, the multiverse. Scent to transcending moment to commune with the ancestors.

Khyphi Including the eseential oils in our Khyphi blend / over 32 essential / abs oils. The dhoop base includes red sandalwood powder, cedarwood powder, (Glastonbury) holy thorn powder, ground red willow bark bound with lavender flower essence and ayahuasca bark essence and distilled water. Khyphi is burned as a 'temple blend' or the evocation of sacred space and meditation. A delight to the ancients.

Medicine Ceremony The essential oils of vetiver, mugwort, white sage, cedarleaf, juniperberry and Bulgarian lavender. The dhoop base includes ground sweetgrass, white sage leaf, cedarwood powder, makko powder, benzoin styrax resin, mimosa absolute resin, juniper berries and bound with sweetgrass flower essence, distilled water. Medicine Ceremony is burned to clear and cleanse, to draw sweetness and spiritual companionship between worlds.

New Moon The essential oils of lime, basil, bitter basil, eucalyptus, jasmine abs and honeysuckle abs. The dhoop base includes ground St. John's Wort, mimosa abs resin, cedarwood powder, rosemary and makko powder. New Moon is burned (during new moon cycle) to invite new ideas, energies, projects and lunar esbat.

MULUC The essential oil blend of cacao abs, champaka, and myrrh. The dhoop base is makko powder, motherwort herb, red sandalwood powder, benzoin styrax resin. Muluc draws companionship for common goals, a resolute dedication to the work, easing the atmosphere in group gatherings.

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