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Bast Oil

Bast Oil - 5ml
Bast Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

BAST: Egyptian Goddess of Pleasure Bast delights in joy and celebration! Proctor over sacred felines, Bast calls you to dance and enjoy the companionship of your friends. Like a beautiful cat, she slinks her way through celebrations conferring a love of music, sacred imbibing and self expression!

Companionship alignments: Ra , cats all feline animals, travelers. Reflecting back evil intentions, she protects through lightheartedness. Pink stones attract her, rodochrosite, morganite and rose quartz. Her blend is a special formula based around the lotus, her sacred flower, the symbol of her perfumer son, Nefertum.

Nurturing capacities: Protector of the household, Bast will bring you a true feeling of safety and contentment in your home.

Inspirational influence: Releasing yourself to pleasure! Bast invites you to enjoy your sexuality.

Healing gifts: A fertility Goddess, Bast will help you quicken within both physically and creatively!

She is a Mother Ancestor of childbearing. The dark aspect of Bast is inconsistency and frivolity.

Creative drive: Originality! Bast serves you with originality! The ability to bring it forth from within your secret self.

Leadership qualities: The importance of kindness and joy are the qualities Bast will guide you to keep at all times.

Paradigm Shift skills: Nurturing the child within who seeks the Unknown, the future.

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