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Athene Oil

Athene Oil - 5ml
Athene Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

ATHENE: Greek – Goddess of Wisdom A true strategist, Athene is the wise owl perched on top of Olympus observing petty quarrels and understanding the quickest route to peace. She protects the just and never abandons the true seeker on a Heroine - Hero quest. An innovative warrior woman, Athene holds the truth in the highest regard.

Companionship alignments: She is the patron of the farmer, having invented the plough and she protects all warriors, Athenians, architects, sculptors, weavers and musicians. The owl is her constant companion perched on the olive or an oak. Her blend is a transmuting fragrance based in dragon’s blood including geranium, cypress and indigo. She resonates to ruby, peacock ore and onyx. Plants include asafetida, galbanum, ash, yew and coconut.

Nurturing capacities: Standing your ground and using your intelligence to reach your goals, Athene brings wisdom to sustain you as transitions begin. Her ability to shift with change confers great resilience.

Inspirational influence: Her care and assistance enables you to use common sense during times of unexpected changes. Her skills of strategy will urge you through!

Healing gifts: Intelligence! Her dark aspect reveals itself as stubbornness and refusal to change when change is required. Creative drive: Excellent strategies and well thought out plans are Athene’s gifts. She will guide you with common sense and the instinct to know where to reach for your answers or needs. Leadership qualities: Athene confers an excellent acumen in judging character. She chooses well.

Paradigm Shift skills: Knowing which directions to take in life through education and transmutation.

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