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Arawn Oil

Arawn Oil - 5ml
Arawn Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

ARAWN: Welsh – God of the Wild Hunt & Otherworld, Summerlands: The noble Gray Cloak, Arawn is the mystic lord of Annwn, master of the Cwn Annwn (white hounds of the hunt) and a wise, good natured guardian to the Druid bards. His primary job is to select those lost souls in search of redemption who have newly crossed and guide them onward towards their goal. His season is long, through Autumn to early Spring, and he rides the night skies in search of those who seek his skills, with a true heart.

Companions: Pwyll – Lord of Dyfed, Gwynn ap Nudd, Oberon, King Arthur and Bran (The Fisher King). Snakeskin agate, azurite crystals, gray granite, petrified wood, hematite and raw coal all resonate with Arawn. Wild geese call his approach, white hounds, snakes, roebucks, stags, white horses and the lifegiving cauldron are his. Shapeshifting and transformation magic are guided through Arawn. He is steadfast, loyal, nobly moral, chivalry, green and black are the colors of his hunt. Revitalization and rejuvenation come from his cauldron. Night blooming jasmines, myrrh, mandrake, mistletoe, oak and maples bring his presence. The deepness of the night is blended into Arawn’s oil; tonka bean, mastic and basil.

Ideals & Goals: Arawn urges courage and justice; kindness repaid and injustices righted.

Inspiring talents & skills: Transcending the boundaries between worlds!

Accomplishments: His diplomacy and earnest friendship with mortals allows us to transcend the veil and peek into the Hereafter for guidance and wisdom.

Leadership qualities: In his care and keeping, it is said, that the Holy Grail stays. Arawn is the pinnacle of trust and loyalty, qualities that a leader require. His cauldron of rejuvenation is available to those who seek to lead with integrity. Kindness and justice are the Druid attributes he will abide with!

Paradigm Shift skills: As a Horned God, Arawn is there to escort you past the veil. He is a merciful guide into the dark places we need to tread inwardly to in order to transcend the veils of this world in conscious evolution.

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