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Anubis Oil

Anubis Oil - 5ml
Anubis Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

ANUBIS / ANPU: Egyptian – Shower of the Way! The jackal headed Anpu; he who shows you the way through the stars, back Home to your Ancestors. One of the primary Neters, Anubis is the funerary God of embalming, a guardian and companion to Isis, assisting her throughout her journey to re-member / preserve her husband Osiris. In the growing shadows of the afternoon sun, he makes his appearance. Anubis companions the dead safely into Duat (the Underworld) where he weighs your heart against the Feather of Ma’at. He is a guide and protector to the true seeker, gifting direction and purity of intention!

Companions Alignments: Isis, Osiris, Ma’at, Nut, Hermes, his signifier is the Sirius Star system, full moon, Eye of Horus healing, dog, jackal, vulture, porpoise, wolf, fox, protection flagellum, all funeral practitioners and attendants, black, jet, amber, flint, black pearls, black diamonds and sphene resonate with Anpu. Nettles, oleander, gardenias, opium poppies, cedar, sage, black and violet orchids are his. Anubis is a cleansing, fresh blend of frankincense, neroli and orris root.

Ideals & Goals: Oaths were sworn on the name of Anubis, for his honor and protection are true! Call on Anpu for truth and integrity in beginning and maintaining your Spiritual path. Inspiring talents & skills: As the preserver, Anubis will give you comfort during times of transition and difficulty to find the personal expansion and brilliance! As the Shower of the Way, he is guardian to you when you choose those projects that require initiation, a test of your honor and skills.

Accomplishments: Anubis’ abilities are closely associated with those of Hermes as the Alchemist and traveler. When approaching your own Great Work, Anubis will guide you in your beginnings!

Leadership qualities: Speaking clearly, directly from your Highest Self, the Opener of the Mouth, Anubis will guide you into the proper alignment when addressing People. Teachers, healers and those who choose to lead the group are guided by him in giving the correct information and unique interpretations.

Paradigm Shift skills: Discerning and ascending through the multiple dimensions of existence! Call on Anubis to guide, protect and shift you into the dimensions…walk among the stars!

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