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Altar Oil

Altar Oil - 5ml
Altar Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

Your altar displays your intentions and devotion. From this space you focus your will and direct your energies. To compliment your magical operations Altar Oil fragrantly aligns the harmony of your temple.

Ceremonial uses: consecrations, blessings, candle dressings, lifting your temple into the multiple dimensions, cleansing during ceremony, protection of your astral temple, calms the individual or the group and maintains your astral gateways (calling & releasing the Watchtowers).

Archetypal presence: Israel Regardie captures the archetype of care and consonance. From apprentice to adept, his journey preserved the mystical unification between the past and present in Hermetic - ceremonial magic. His care-full catalog of Golden Dawn correspondences illuminates and inspires the apprentice. {the wisdom of the Light}

Traditional essential oils include: (barrowing from the Rosicrucians) pink lotus blossom to engage and announce astral presence, blended with rose to awaken the Divine within and mysore sandalwood for fragrant consecration.

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