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Aegirine Essence *the Spellcaster*

Aegirine Essence *the Spellcaster*
Aegirine Essence *the Spellcaster*
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Product Description

The vibrational qualities / properties of Aegirine: includes an incredible ability to remain true to the self... personal convictions and integrity are paramount. When searching for assistance in standing strongly in your own personal power, Aegirine essence is essentially a "spellcaster" whose performance is strong and long. Good application for repelling the 'mundane' vampire draining.

Medicinal properties: Energy and stamina infusion. Assisting in healing focus of unification of a healing group towards the goal. Immune system builder.

Crisis: STRONG REPELLANT OF PSYCHIC ATTACK. Application prior to facing dark energy / places, instills a confidence for meeting and successfully engaging the goal. Coming back to the Light when mired in depression and dark energies.

Ritual properties: Aegirine is a wonderful energetic helpmate in creating scared space, holding the energetic standards of the directions/elements and calling the elementals / archangelic standards to assist. *Unique capacity for a dark crystal*

Clears negative signature energy from all four bodies of consciousness. Base & Crown chakra alignments.

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