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AbraMelin Oil

AbraMelin Oil - 5ml
AbraMelin Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

In the advance of practice, the apprentice seeks a new clarity of vision, the ability to penetrate the vast Unknown and comprehend it’s Mystery. Such moments open wide the doors of uniquely individual perception into the Great Work. AbraMelin Oil inspires the address of this challenge and penetrating an Unknown cosmos.

Ceremonial uses: ritual marshalling of the Will to focused action, harmonious alignment of body, mind and Spirit, self actualization, invocation of the ‘astral Self’, astral projection, attaining ‘magical consciousness’, penetration of the Unknown and Unseen and general all purpose fragrant ritual assistant.

Archetypal presence: Aleister Crowley, the Master Therion, is the archetype presence for AbraMelin Oil. Crowley’s randy appetites for More! catapulted him into Thelema and produced Thelemic Magick (the Ordo Templi Orientis - O.T.O.), a magical progeny of the Golden Dawn. Brilliant and exasperating to his contemporaries, Crowley forged an astral temple of Magick to survive him and continue to awaken new seekers. {the quest for the Light}

Traditional essential oils: cassia to draw the sustenance of the solar Gods, rich myrrh to enlist the deep penetration of the cosmic Goddess, calamus draco to ensure strength and astral agility, galangal to bring focus with calamus root to sweeten the magical energy aligned with a few drops of ancient olive.

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