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9th Chakra Oil

9th Chakra Oil
9th Chakra Oil
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Product Description

9th Chakra Oil

The combination properties of the heart and throat chakras colalese in this chakra. Color magenta.

ϖ 9th strand of the DNA helix

ϖ intimacy with the Earth Mother / connective quality to the “planetary consciousenss’

ϖ awakening to the Christ Consciousness within the Self

ϖ acellerated connection to the ley line grids of the planet

ϖ connective to the Etheric Body & it’s properties of multidimensional presence – personal Akashic

ϖ will assist in awakening foot & crown chakras / vortexes

ϖ fastening your consciousness to your Soul

The unification of the five elements and quantum nature of the holistic self. Lightbody active. Powerful activator for the subtle healer, engaging the subtle sensuality for greater healing substantiation. Your 9th Chakra is located surrounding your body and approximately 4 feet above your head in sychronicity with your Etheric and connecting to your Astral bodies of consciousness and works in total harmony with these portions of your Lightbody. Using your 9th Chakra Oil with Quantum Essences – Etheric Initiator and Astral Initiator are will compliment your work in awakening the 9th Chakra.

The flower: cactus (sulcorebutia heinzii) magenta cactus flower. Can you begin to drop your illusions of what reality is? 9th Chakra Oil is blended using ylang ylang extra, vetiver, basil and white sage oils.

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