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3rd Eye Oil & Self Luminal Quantum Essence

3rd Eye & Self Luminal Quantum Essence
3rd Eye & Self Luminal Quantum Essence
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Product Description

3rd Eye: I SHARE! – Third Eye Chakra Oil

A constant, resonant indigo emanation expanding and contracting in Supra luminal speed at your brow accommodates all the subtle information and stimuli you experience in tandem to the physical stimuli surrounding you. This is your Third Eye or Ajna Chakra transforming all data, balancing your states of consciousness and providing a personal vortex into your total being-ness…a Herculean task! The connective field between your subtle and physical anatomy is triggered in working consciously with your Third Eye Chakra. Your sense of wonder and curiosity are intimately woven into your talents for insight and intuition working through this chakra’s transformation capacities. This chakra filters your perceptions of the world surrounding you. The flower: wild blue indigo (Baptisia).

Your Third Eye Chakra initializes your connections to the Divine within you. All the qualities of your desires coupled to your talents of imagination express your cosmic connectiveness, your enLightenment! Your fear of mortality versus your understanding of your individual eternal possibilities constantly evolves through your upper chakras. Grounding your human nature is a core issue filtered through your Third Eye functions. CHI energies filtered through the Third Eye vitalize your basic brain functions, coordinating your left – right brain capacities triggered through your sensory organs. Elementally your Third Eye correlates to a planetary consciousness inviting you to penetrate the unseen world around you. It is your sensual bridge to your subtle anatomy and your ‘mobility of consciousness’ or astral traveling capabilities. Where do wander to in your minds’ eye most often?

Weakened Third Eye Chakra:

-Extremely self involved, absorbed personality

-Religious zealotry, domination of those around them & denial of Spiritual nature (dogmatic)

-Manipulation is the primary behavior pattern

-Sexuality is traumatic, they fear intimacy absolutely

Overactive Exhibition of Third Eye Chakra:

° Grossly exceeds all the weakened conditions of a Third Eye Chakra

Balanced Expression of Third Eye Chakra:

° Charismatic, open, honest & allowing of others

° New adventure is a way of life!

° Natural healer, unattached to materialism, shares with others without any kind of expectancy

° Sexuality is in total acceptance without control

Have you found yourself in the deep end, rushing in without regard of those around you? Is your spiritual quest more ‘significant’ than the journey of others? Do you feel superior to others? Question your integrity! Do you abuse the energetic integrity of others without their permission, in your fantasy life? To counter-balance your Third Eye Chakra, it’s a good idea to use each of your chakras in turn to discover the correlative color / chakra influence for balance. Only your personal insight will determine the correct chakra to use, your imagination becomes the finely tuned mechanism creating multiple colors of healing.

To open your Third Eye Chakra more fully and excel your personal quest for evolution both genetically and Spiritually use your Third Eye Chakra Oil. In beginning exercises for astral journeying or to initiate the ‘mobility of consciousness’ this blend will help you focus and discover inner solutions in creating these quests. In everyday applications Third Eye Chakra Oil will help release negativity, shift your thoughts more positively and assist you to envision many solutions. Create your reality! Indigo Third Eye Chakra Oil aromatically combines inspiration in green top notes with slightly grounding middle notes of sandalwood and ambergris.

Self Luminal Quantum Essence: Define your centerplace within! Self Luminal Essence is a multipurpose subtle assistor for personal inner journeying and meditation practice. It is subtle releasing tonic to encourage you in self-exploration and expansiveness. Your first inner journey is to that Homeplace within yourself that defines who you are grounded in your finest ideals and experiences. This is where your memories of loving, good, inspirational instances of your life dwell. This reservoir is your security of self and your most valuable asset in creating pathways into deeper personal, subtle territories of experience, understanding and expansion. Self Luminal Essence will help you in forming a substantial conscious link into this haven for grounding and centering while you begin to approach the unknown – unseen. Self-Luminal holds everyday usefulness to begin meditation exercises, grounding before applying any subtle technique or strategy. It is a gentle, promising ally to begin your journeys into the unseen. Self-Luminal can always help guide you through doubt, fear or apathy back to your inner Homeplace!

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