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1/2oz WortCunning spray

1/2oz WortCunning spray
1/2oz WortCunning spray
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Product Description

"Wort Cunning" is an ancient Gael / Celt term describing the practice and awakened awareness of the 'unseen' / multidimensional properties of plants, herbs, trees, flowers... the plant kingdom. It is the Hermetic axiom of "As Above, So Below", teaching us that there are reflective properties for every thing we observe or experience in our world.

A plant heals our body: sage / artemisa will purify the body, while it serves to cleanse the environment surrounding you. Our Wort Cunning blend initiates reflective healing, urged by your intention for use. For example: You are feel inadequate to a task. Within your observation is the possibility of resolving the task if you make the correct choice of action. Wort Cunning assists you in accessing choices with reflective aha! moments for you to plumb! It tweaks your sense of what works, the origins of energy, a sense of clear flow.

Holonomic Interface, Astral Initiator and Wearyall Thorn essences with blue yarrow flower, blue African sage, sweet marjoram and tonka bean abs.

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