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Living Yoga blends Special $27.99

Living Yoga blends Special $27.99
Living Yoga blends Special $27.99
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The reposing Tiger engages the quality of inner Peace using fragrant and subtle tools of influence: Essential oils; violet leaf, yarrow flower / milfoil, Holy basil, Bulgarian lavender with rose. reposing Tiger is really a beginning to your ascent towards the Divine. Tiger Oil initiates inner Peace as a companion for seated or supine posture of asanas. Helps to maintain focus for building solid body strength while achieving physical flexibility through repose.

a walking Lion represents the qualities of discipline, joy and delight! Essential oil blend of ylang ylang extra, sandalwood, rosewood & cedarwood. a walking Lion challenges you to reach further and refines your perception of the physical you through a new awareness of a Divine reality. A fine application for memory and mental acuity, the scent of a walking Lion stimulates your body with that push you may require to begin reaching towards advanced asanas. Helping you to find a comfortable alignment and quickly establishing a personal flow, a walking Lion will work well with twisting or balancing postures.

Garuda within - compassion Passion unites the qualities of forgiveness and balance. Essential Oils include angelica root, ylang ylang extra & white grapefruit. Garuda within calls to your natural grace and invites you to spread your wings! Deep breath and relaxation are the keys in evolving your Yoga practice. Garuda within awakens vinyasa (yoga flow) and releases your ability for progress with your body work. To assist the expansion of your sequences, Garuda within fragrantly and subtly addresses contraindications and alignments. Use it freely as an invitation to embrace acceptance and allowance. Apply Garuda within prior to twisting, supine and balancing postures for continuous vinyasa.

flying Dragon - flowing Prayer offers the qualities of self knowledge, selflessness and wisdom. Essential Oils include: Damask rose, juniperberry, sweet marjoram & bay laurel. flying Dragon stimulates your inner focus into a harmony for release. An excellent companion for meditation, flying Dragon helps to recede external stimuli and establish a deep state of concentration as a fragrant drishti (your focused gaze). Stimulant to your Third Eye center, flying Dragon helps to resource depth in your yoga movement in alignment to the body. Refine your soft gaze for focus and meditation. To begin working with flying Dragon, apply it while you are working with prone postures and evolve your applications to standing postures to fully integrate a fragrant trigger for superior drishti use.

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