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The 7 Major Chakras & Earth Chakra oils HOLIDAY SPECIAL~
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Sale price: $68.00
The Medicine Oils > Holiday Special
Regular price: $50.00
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The original DRAC PAC!
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Heart Chakra help with a side of Meditation!
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THERE B DRAGONS! 5 - 1oz bottles!
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TUNE YOURSELF UP! Chakra Special for gifting or personal tools.
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The WITCH Kit!  Gifting or getting!  A nice new year's gifting.
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The Holly Queen & The Holly King!
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Because you asked for it! $$$MONEY$$$ mist & pocket sized.
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GothicaCrafting Holiday Special!
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The Witch Oils > Holiday Special
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Sensual Alchemy Holiday Special
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HUNA! Choose 4 for the $ of 3 of our Dancing Waters Polynesian collection. Classic MAYA calendrical T'zolkin oils HOLIDAY SPECIAL

From the Daughters of Isis bench: Sensual awakening to the amazing opportunity of evolving consciousness Now.

The Ancestor Aromachologie' is formulated using Indigenous scents (essential oils) to produce a specific quality of mind, the tool we use to recognize the insights our Ancestors left us in facing the moment we have come to. Flower essence companions provide the bridge into the Unseen / Unknown side of life from the quantum / spiritual perspective… an opening up of our extra sensuality and connecting us tangibly with our Ancestors.

Local sustainability, tied to a planetary consciousness / technology connective, where trade is created and enables larger social knowledge of one another within an environmentally healthy system: a new Mother Earth… this is the promise of the Age of Aquarius. The Ascension or evolution of our Earth Mother and ourselves.

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